Here at Auto Boost Variety Shop, we design tools and accessories that can meet all your needs of style, cleanliness, safety, and performance. These tools may also help you in having more precision and control as you drive.

Auto Boost Variety Shop offers all categories of accessories for vehicle owners to help them with any situation. Our goal is to become the undisputed champion of the highest quality, high-performance, and durable automobile accessories.

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May Provide Sleek Protection

Our button cover may protect your car's engine start-stop button from wear and tear, ensuring its longevity and pristine appearance.

May Provide Expanded Vision

Our adjustable safety mirror may offer an extended view of the back seat area, allowing you to effortlessly keep an eye on passengers, pets, or cargo without the need for constant head-turning.

Car Phone Stand

Introducing the Car Phone Stand – your ultimate driving companion for convenience, safety, and hands-free functionality on the road.

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May Provide Real-Time Tracking

With our GPS Tracker, you may receive instant updates on the exact location of your belongings. You'll always be in the know, whether it's your car, pet, or personal items.

May Provide Remote Monitoring

Access the tracker's data remotely through our user-friendly app. This feature may allow you to monitor your assets from anywhere, anytime.

May Be Compact and Discreet

Our GPS Tracker's compact design may allow it to be discreetly placed, minimizing the risk of detection by unauthorized individuals.

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May Improve Driving Comfort

Our accessories may boost your vehicle’s performance and provide a comfortable driving experience.


May Help In Emergencies

Our products can help you get out of emergencies or be useful in harsh conditions.


May Keep The Interiors Clean

With our products, you can keep your car clean and well-maintained.

Auto Boost Variety Shop

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